State newspapers in Iran, before and after the 1979 Islamic Revolution, have always used the same font
for their titles. When the revolution happened, the same font was used to announce that "Shah left" or
"Imam came". This font, still being used, always carried news that to this day is most unsettling and false
information. A lot of news titles that were promoting the Islamic state as a fair and just state, turned out
to be lies. We, in Iran, are sensitive and nostalgic to this font. It always functioned as a tool to deceive
the public mind. Newspapers also always contain photos in which only a minority of people can be
depicted. Women appear in less than 1% of all the newspaper visual coverage and when there is a
woman pictured, she is a special kind of woman that the regime allows to exist. After the Islamic
revolution, new laws emerged like compulsive Hijab or laws forbidding actions like dancing, freedom of
speech, freedom of thought, exhibiting affection in public and etc.
I am creating my own newspaper to manifest my existence despite all the limitations state is forcing. I
am using archive photos on top of state papers from 1979 and on top of these I am writing my own titles
such as "I am still free,” "I am still dancing,” "I still do love" and so on using the state propaganda font to resist their efforts to make our existence invisible and shameful.